Mental Wellness

CIMS provides our students with access to a wellness room, designed as a haven for moments of overwhelm, anxiety, or emotional dysregulation. The room features gentle lighting, adaptable seating, and a variety of sensory activities aimed at helping students redirect their focus before rejoining the classroom.

Alongside our wellness room, we provide students with access to individual and group therapy facilitated by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Confidentiality is a priority in our mental health services. For students aged 12 and above, their mental health treatment is kept confidential, in accordance with Family Code § 6924. Although we encourage open communication between students and parents about their mental health journey, minors aged 12 or older have the right to consent to outpatient therapy or residential shelter services if deemed mature enough by the attending professional. However, in situations where there is a risk of harm to themselves or others, parents will be promptly informed.

For more information regarding confidentiality use the following link: Click here