Clubs & Activities

Clubs are a big part of student culture at CIMS. Our school has a huge range of clubs, from career-centered clubs to community service clubs. These clubs help to make CIMS a vibrant place to be. Clubs are run and organized by students, so there is a chance to develop leadership skills and enhance a college resume!


Here is a sampling of just a few of the clubs and activities on campus:

Helps keep students informed about upcoming events and current activities on campus! 
Club Adviser: Myles
Location: Room 804

Club Adviser: Coates
Academic Decathlon
This academic club trains students for competitions consisting of 10 tests on 10 different subjects. The competitions are intense, but fun. And it looks great on your college resume!
Club Adviser: Oakes
Location: Room 1006
Dates: TBD
Anime Club
Club Adviser: Self
Location: Room 1003
Dates: Every Fri. @ 3:30 PM

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a state-wide organization that honors outstanding high school students. The CSF chapters work to foster the recognition, motivation and education of academically talented students. membership to CSF is per semester, starting your high school sophomore year. To earn life membership status and to qualify for wearing the gold cords and pin at graduation, you must apply and qualify for at least four semesters, including one qualifying semester as a senior. 
Club Adviser: Swager Room 905
Location: Room 1004
Dates: TBD

Drama Club
Drama Club's focus is to add more performing arts to the CIMS campus. Mrs. Vigil Potts works closely with the team to put on fun plays for the students, such as the musical, "Little Shop of Horrors."
Club Adviser: Vigil Potts
Location: Room 802
Dates: TBD

Environmental Club
Club Adviser: Provansal
Location: Room 1327
Dates: TBD

Game Club
Club Adviser: Wungow
Location: Room 304
Dates: Every other Fri. from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Club Adviser: Nichols
Location: Room 403
Dates: Tues & Thurs during lunch

Mock Trial
Mock Trial is a club for students who enjoy learning about the law and debating in a courtroom. Mrs. Rand says, "It's hard work, but great fun. It helps show kids that they can be competitive in ways they didn't know they were competitive. The club helps improve skills such as confidence, public speaking and critical thinking.
Club Adviser: Rand
Location: Room 302
Dates: TBD


Multi Media Club
Club Adviser: Self
Location: Room 1003

Cougar Prayer Warriors
Cougar Prayer Warriors is a club for students who gather together to pray and share their common beliefs. This club helps students by giving them a space to communicate and reach out to students who need support and discover a solid foundation in faith. The students plan prayers and meet at the flagpole to pray with other students. The club's motto is "Keep Calm and Pray On."
Club Adviser:  Gomez / Martinez
Location: Room 503
Dates: Every other Tues.

Club Adviser: Morgan
Location: Room 902

Board Game & Cards Game Club 
Club Adviser: Wungow
Location: Room 304
Dates: Fri. after school 
Chess Club
Club Advisor: Bagnol S
Location: Room 904
Dates: TBD
Black Student Union 
Club Advisor: Coates
Location: Room 201
Dates: Every Thurs. during B lunch 
Cadet Corp.
Club Advisor: Cpt. Flynn 
Location: Room 1102
Dates: TBD
Club Advisor: Keiki
Location: Room 1325
Dates: TBD 
K-Pop Club 
Club Advisor: Priester 
Location: Room 604
Dates: Tues. 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Mu Alpha Theta
Club Advisor: Esteves 
Location: Room 405
Dates: Every Tues. during B lunch
Weight Training 
Club Advisor: B. Bershee 
Location: Room 806
Dates: TBD
Yarn Club 
Yarn Club provides an opportunity for students to teach each other how to crochet. Some advanced students have made beanies and scarves to donate to the homeless shelter. Others have learned to crochet animals. It's a fun time, and crocheting can be a stress reliever, sometimes lol. 
Club Advisor: Ehart
Location: Room 905
Dates: Tues. & Thurs. 8 AM - 8:25 AM
La Raza Unida
La Raza Unida club focuses on Latino history, music, art, dance, and food.  Our club understands that each part of Mexico has different traditions and so much beautiful culture to share.  Our club gives CIMS students the opportunity to learn from one another and to share what everyone knows within their Latino culture. Some of our events are as follows; Salsa Contest kick off, Loteria games, Cinco de Mayo nacho bar, Traditional wear day, Dia De Los Muertos community altar, Folkloric dance, Student performances, and towards the end of every year we have our La Raza Unida con nuestros seniors.  All high school students are welcomed!
Club Advisor: Keiki / Avila
Location: Room 1102
Dates: Thurs. during B lunch ( for HS only )


Class of ‘24
Club Adviser: Vigil Potts
Location: Room 802

Class of ‘25
Club Adviser: Myles
Location: Room 1324

Class of ‘26
Club Adviser: Bagnol S
Location: Room 904

Class of ‘27
Club Adviser: Coates
Location: Room 904