Athletic Clearance Form

Participation in athletics in the Victor Valley Union High School District (VVUHSD) means more than competition between individuals or teams representing different high schools. It teaches fair play, sportsmanship, understanding, and appreciation of teamwork.

A strong commitment and hard work is a path that leads to success. Participation on an athletic team is a privilege that is extended to every student who is eligible under regulations set up by State CIF and VVUHSD. With every privilege comes responsibility. The conduct of a VVUHSD athlete is closely observed by many people. An athlete is representative of a team, the school and the community. lt is important, therefore, that a VVUHSD athlete be at all times and in all places, a gentleman or lady. Any situation not specifically covered in this code will be referred to the Athletic Director.

Download the PDF below for the complete sports packet, which includes the Athletic Participation Code, Concussion Information Sheet, Emergency Information Card, Consent to Treatment, Pre-Participation Physical Information Form, Parent Informed Consent Form, Athlete Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, and Section 44811 of the California Education Code.

Athletic Participation Packet

The following rules, which are a reflection of the school's philosophy, are in effect during the school year.

Extra-Curricular Activity Eligibility Rules

Academic Eligibility - 2.0 GPA/4.0 scale all classes in previous grading period and 20 units earned. In order to allow for grades to be recorded and analyzed, eligibility or ineligibility will begin the second Monday after the nine v,reek grading period and continue until the second Monday following the subsequent nine-week grading period. One phvsical education class per grading period applies toward academic eligibility.

Rules and Regulations to Participate in Sports
Prior to participation, a student athlete must complete the ''OK-to-Post" procedure. An '"Ok-to Post card will be issued by the Athletic Director when all requirements have been met and all of the paperwork has been fully completed and turned in to the Athletics Office. The student athlete gives the "OK-to-Post" card to the head coach for each sport. A separate "OK-to-Post" card is required for each sport. No athlete is permitted to participate in any extracurricular activity at any time without the coach first having possession of the athlete's "OK to-

Ok-to-Post Requirements for First Sport:

a. Current sports packet completely filled out and signed by athlete and parent.

b. Current sports physical signed by physician and cleared by Athletic Trainer (Physicals are good for one year).

c. Proof of insurance, including company name and policy number

d. Debts cleared by librarian and bookkeeper.

e. Bring completed sports packet and most current, original report card to the Athletics Office for final processing.

OK-to-Post Requirements for 2nd or 3rd Sport:

a. Bring Ok-to-Post card from previous sport showing athlete has turned in their uniform and equipment and coach has cleared them from that sport. Students who want to participate in two sports at the same time must have written permission from both coaches and must submit those to the Athletic Director for approval.

b. Take debt clearance form and most recent report card to the Athletics Office to pick up you "Ok-to-Post' card.

Try-Out Requirements:

Prior to any try-out period, the student must fulfill all OK-to-Post requirements.

The athletic department will issue a ''Try-out clearance'' card, which is handed to the coach,

No athlete is allowed to try out for any athletic team or participate in physical conditioning sessions at any time prior to or during the season without the coach first having in
possession, the athlete's "Try-out Clearance" and "OK to Treat" cards.

The athlete shall accept the responsibility for all athletic equipment issued and will provide for its proper care, storage and return.

Athletes with equipment outstanding shall be suspended from athletics until all equipment is either turned in or paid for by the athlete.

Equipment will be worn at the practices and games only. On game days the team may wear jersey, jackets, etc

An athlete must notify the coach immediately if he/she considers dropping from a squad. Dropping without consulting the coach shall result in the immediate suspension from athletics for the rest of the season of that sport. Any athlete, who is a member of a team for twenty practices (beginning from the day he/she reports - 20 days later) and quits the squad after this time, will be ineligible for another sport until the end of the season of the sport he/she quits. This would include team play-offs in CIF.

Athletes participating in athletic events where classes would be missed must clear in advance with their instructors before the event.

Each individual coach or staff will handle violation of the policies or rules established in each sport. Make sure you understand the

The administration of VVUHSD, in enforcing school and district policies. may suspend or remove an athlete from participation in athletics.

Summer activity, Spring Practice and Off-Season Weight Training Programs: Students must have a physical examination, insurance, and parent consent on record in the Athletic Office in order to receive an OK to participate.

INTER-DISTRICT TRANSFER ELIGIBILITY - Eligibility of incoming transferring students to the Victor Valley Union High School District shall be determined by their previous district's eligibility standards. At the end of the current grading period the student will be required to meet the Victor Valley Union High School District requirements for all subsequent grading period.