WELCOME to CIMS Library!

Our fiction section is now organized by genres so you can easily find titles in your favorite subjects.

We have new library books available including 8 manga series, newly released titles, and current non-fiction subjects.  You can also access Destiny and see our collection.  

We have 6 computers available for use in the library.  Gaming on them is currently unavailable.  Printing is available for school work up to 5 pages a day; more with permission as needed.  

Each week students will be able to sign up for varying self guided games, crafts, science, engineering, collaboration and competition activities.  This program is called Makerspace and is designed to not only de-stress students but to also stimulate innovation.  Bulletins and announcements are made weekly.  

We have a lounge area that can be used for reading, relaxing and visiting.  

To access a comprehensive list of borrowed textbooks / books and view fines, utilize our program, Destiny Discover. Simply log in by clicking on the upper right - hand corner for a personalized experience with enhanced features. The username and login credentials consist of the student's 6-digit permanent school ID number.

Students must have their school ID numbers to check out library book.

Library Hours
8 AM - 4 PM
( Closed 11:30 AM - 12 PM ) 

The library is open for both lunches. Students may also visit with a pass.

Eating is NOT allowed in the library. Sealed water bottles are permitted.  

Library Clearances : Being clear with the library includes having no outstanding library books, textbooks or unpaid fees. A clearance is done for withdrawing students, athletics, cheer leading, drama productions and any other activities requiring a "try-out" procedure. For further information, please refer to the VVUHSD Administrative Regulations A.R.6162.2 located in the Student Materials Regulations tab.


Mrs. Mayoros, Librarian
For questions, please contact Mrs. Mayoros at (760) 955-2530 ext. 45125 or email

New furniture in library