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Dress/grooming code rules and expectations:

The primary goal of Cobalt Institute of Math and Science is to promote academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment. Any apparel or grooming practice which draws undue attention to the student and/or detracts from the educational process will be considered inappropriate.

Final decision on the appropriateness of the dress / grooming practice will be left to school administration.

CIMS is a uniform school and students are required to be in full uniform during school hours and when attending ASES. Students not in uniform will be directed to contact parents to bring in proper uniform dress.

Consequences for dress code violations may include detention, Saturday School, and/or suspension for repeat violators. Parent cooperation and adherence to the dress code will allow us to focus our attention on academic success.

In order to provide a safe, nurturing environment where students can learn, free from distractions, threats, intimidation, or harmful influence, CIMS has
developed the following dress code policy:


Pants & Shorts
Colors- khaki, dark blue or black *NO CARGO SHORTS, JEANS/JOGGERS/ CAPRIS of any kind

Polo Shirts
Colors- Black, Royal Blue Polo or White with CIMS logo. Shirts must be TUCKED IN at all times. Belts should be black or dark brown.

Skirts for female students
Colors- khaki, black or dark blue (plaid ok)

Shoes & Socks
Shoes must be closed toe and school colors: black, white, grey, dark blue or a combination there of. Socks must be dark blue, black or white. Students cannot tuck pants into their boots.

Hats & Beanies
Students can purchase hats or beanies from the student store. Any other hats or beanies must be solid blue, black, grey or white without logos or
patterns, and the bill must face forward.

Backpacks must be school colored: dark blue, black, grey, white or a combination there of.

Sweatshirts & Jackets
CIMS sweatshirts, college sweatshirts/jackets, military sweatshirts/jackets and/or school colored sweatshirts and jackets (dark blue, black, grey, white or a combination there of) may be worn. CIMS, college and/or military logos only. CIMS polo must be worn underneath. NO Pink, Adidas, Nike and other trendy logo wear.

Backpacks and Bags
Backpacks and bags may not have logos and must be school colors: black, white, grey, dark blue or a combination there of.

Friday Dress
Every Friday, students may wear spirit shirts from CIMS clubs, and organizations as well as college or military T-shirts.

Jean Day
Usually one Friday a month, and will be announced by the school. Jeans with rips, holes, or jeggings are not allowed. Jeans can only be worn on Jean
Day, and any other time is considered a dress code violation. NO JEAN JACKETS.

Facial piercings of any kind are not allowed at any time while on school grounds. Students in violations of this rule will have their piercing items
confiscated immediately. Habitual failure to comply with this policy may result in an at home suspension. Gauges and plugs are allowed as long as they are flush to the ear. Spikes of any type are not allowed.

Spirit Days
The following will still be in effect if students have the privilege of wearing alternate clothing (Spirit Days) as deemed by administration.

1. Garments shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments (underwear, boxer shorts, and bra straps) at all times.

2. Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed. Only natural colors are allowed. Outlandish hair styles (i.e. Mohawks, designs/patterns shaved onto the
head) are not permitted.

3. No excessive makeup is allowed.

4. Shoes must be worn at all times. For safety purposes, no open toed shoes, no heel over 2 inches, no slippers or house shoes. Sandals must be held
in place with a heel strap. Steel-toed shoes and cleats are not permitted.

5. Lettering or printing will be allowed on shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel as long as it is acceptable for school attire. Crude or vulgar printing or pictures depicting tobacco, drugs, alcoholic beverages, gang-related names or symbols, or those that are sexually suggestive are not allowed. This district reserves the right to declare unacceptable any item of clothing, printing, or accessory depicting any logo that has been identified to be gang related.

6. Pant size must be appropriate. The waist line of the pants shall not fall below the hip bone level even when the student is sitting down. Skinny Jeans or pants are not allowed. If the student removes the belt, pants must not fall more than two inches below the hipbone. The length of the pant shall not extend past the heel of the shoe. When side seams are pulled out straight and then are crossed to the front, the edge of the pants shall not cross the mid-point of the leg.

7. All clothing shall be within the bounds of decency and good taste as appropriate for school. Midriff area must be concealed at all times. Low-cut shirts and blouses, tank tops and spaghetti strap shirts are not allowed. Leggings are considered to be undergarments and cannot be worn in place of pants. Shorts and dress length shall not be shorter than the end of the extended finger tips.

8. No garments may be worn that is cut-off, ragged, torn or ripped.

9. No "see through" or "fish net" type of blouse or shirt may be worn. Students must wear shirts at all times. No muscle shirts, undershirts, or tank type undergarments are permitted.

10. No gang-related apparel (as determined by district guidelines).

11. Oversized clothing of any type or clothing of an inappropriate length is not acceptable. Clothing must be worn right side out.

12. Belts and belt buckles must be plain, unadorned and of an appropriate size for the student.

Open Dress Days
Students wearing gang attire become targets for violence even though they are not gang members. In addition, the baggy, oversized clothing now
identified as gang related, presents a safety hazard since it allows students to more readily conceal dangerous objects such as knives, and other weapons or provide hiding places for drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Accordingly, the following types of clothing have been identified as unacceptable dress:

● Students shall not engage in the practice of wearing "colors," which is defined as a display of wearing apparel by a group of students, or an
individual student, which would signify the membership or intent of membership in a student group known to advocate or participate in
disruptive or illegal behavior.

● Clothing, jewelry, and personal items that a student has including notebooks, folders, book covers, magazines, drawings, pictures, fanny
packs, gym bags, water bottles, backpacks, or any other item that disrupts the instructional process.

● Any hats other than unaltered, school approved hats (solid blue or solid white with no logos). Hats must be worn properly.

● Oversized clothing such as shorts, pants, coats, etc. Pants or shorts must fit at the waist.

● Items that promote hate, intolerance or violence

● Unsafe jewelry and accessories, including but not limited to wallet chains, belts hanging from the waist, and belt buckles.

● Visible undergarments.

● Clothing with profanity, that is too tight, revealing or sexually provocative.
● Clothing with pictures, insignia or brand names for controlled substances, tobacco or alcohol

● Bandanas, do-rags, or headgear that prevents clear view of the head or face.

● Unsafe footwear including house slippers. Additional footwear requirements may be imposed on students in specific classes such as: physical education, science and shop.

● Raiders and Kings clothing, “LA” and “Skin” labels, athletic jerseys, and any additional articles of clothing or accessories identified by the VVUHSD Administration or Local Law Enforcement as being gang or hate group related will be forbidden on campus or any other school function or activity including sporting events.

● Gloves may be worn during inclement weather only. No single glove is to be worn at any time. No leather type gloves such as baseball gloves are to be worn at school.

Please Note:
 Coaches and teachers may impose more stringent dress requirements to accommodate the special needs of certain sports and/or classes.

 No grade of a student participating in a physical education class will be adversely affected if the student does not wear standardized physical education apparel because of circumstances beyond the student's control (Education Code 49066).

 The principal, staff, students and parent/guardians may establish reasonable dress and grooming regulations for times when students are engaged in extracurricular or other special school activities.

 Students are allowed to wear sun-protective clothing, including but not limited to hats (blue or white color with no logos), for outdoor use during
the school day (Education Code 35183.5).

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