Student Rules and Expectations

These PRIDE expectations vary by school location, as seen in the matrix above. Students who are caught following the Cougar PRIDE expectations will be rewarded with daily, weekly and monthly rewards. Those found breaking the rules will be given a series of progressive violations that could possibly result in their removal from CIMS.



Students who are tardy will receive the following consequences:

3rd tardy - Intervention with counselor and parent phone call.

6th tardy - Intervention with AP attendance contract and parent conference.

9th tardy - Consider release from CIMS.


Students will receive rewards for being in compliance and consistent consequences for being out of compliance.

1st violation = warning

2-4th violation = detention and phone call to parents

5th violation = Saturday school, parent conference and behavior contract

6th violation = Consider release from CIMS

                                                                             All students should be well aware of our dress code policies.
                                                                        If you have any doubt, please refer to our dress code policy here.


Electronics may only be used during school hours under teacher supervision and with permission. Consistent consequences for being out of compliance:

1st violation = warning and student pickup

2nd violation = detention and parent pickup

3rd violation = detention, parent pickup, parent conference and electronics contract.

4th violation = phone held in AP Office during school hours.

                                    If you have any questions about the new policy, please contact Assistant Principal Veronica Cueva.