CIMS Compact

Cobalt Institute of Math and Science emphasizes the importance of a collaborative partnership among parents, students, and staff to support each student in achieving their full potential. At the commencement of the school year, a compact is signed by parents, students, and the school, symbolizing a mutual commitment to taking the necessary actions for the success of students at CIMS. This collaborative effort is aimed at fostering a conducive environment for academic achievement and overall well-being.

Parent/Student/School Compact 2023 - 2024 


Our goal is to ensure that seniors have a memorable and fulfilling year while realizing their full potential. To set clear expectations and create a pathway for success, seniors participate in signing a Senior Compact at the beginning of their senior year. This compact serves as an agreement, signifying their understanding of the expectations set forth to make their senior year a successful and memorable experience. Through this commitment, we aim to support and guide seniors in achieving both personal and academic excellence during this significant phase of their education.

Senior Academic and Behavioral Compact 2023 - 2024